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At Falk & Flotteron, we specialize in helping clients with their commercial real estate needs. We know that renting, purchasing or selling commercial real estate is a huge investment and we will make sure your interests are protected.

If you are considering leasing commercial real estate property, we can assist you by reviewing the lease agreement to ensure all lease terms are favorable to you. After reviewing the lease agreement, our attorneys will explain your obligations under the lease along with the obligations of the property owner, and we will negotiate to remove and add lease terms as needed.

If you are considering selling commercial real estate property, our firm is committed to facilitating successful contract negotiations for you. We have an impressive track record of securing contracts that are profitable for the seller.

If you are considering purchasing commercial real estate, our attorneys can guide you through the entire commercial real estate transaction. Whether you are considering purchasing the property outright or joining a publicly held Real Estate Investment Trust, we can help you achieve your goal efficiently and cost effectively. We can negotiate, revise and execute the contract. We will also secure competitive mortgage and loan rates, conduct title and deed searches, and address any easements and liens against the property. If a legal dispute arises from any commercial real estate transaction, our attorneys can effectively litigate for your interests in court.

If you are considering renting, purchasing or selling commercial real estate, contact Falk & Flotteron at (732) 877-1500 or (718) 356-1600 for a free consultation. Our Commercial Real Estate Attorneys have the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully advise you through any commercial real estate transaction.

Commercial Real Estate Law

Commercial real estate is the purchase, sale or rental of a piece of property used strictly for business purposes. While renting, purchasing or selling commercial real estate may seem straight forward, commercial real estate transactions require extensive knowledge about the legal, financial and regulatory aspects of renting, owning or selling commercial real estate property.

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