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If you are considering purchasing residential real estate, our attorneys can guide you through every aspect of the real estate transaction. We will assist you with negotiating, drafting and revising residential real estate contracts. We will review the inspection report, order title insurance, procure the survey and work closely with your lender throughout the mortgage process. We will also attend the closing and review the closing and loan documents with you.

If you are considering selling residential real estate, our firm is committed to facilitating successful contract negotiations for you. We will prepare all closing documents in order to transfer title of the property and assist in clearing title. We have an impressive track record of securing contracts that are profitable for our clients.

In addition to guiding our clients through standard residential real estate transactions, we also counsel our clients with unique real estate law issues including new construction contracts, foreclosures, short sales, and complex ownership issues. In the event that a legal dispute arises from any residential real estate transaction, our attorneys can effectively advocate for your interests in court.

If you are considering purchasing or selling residential real estate or have a unique residential real estate law issue, contact Falk & Flotteron, LLC at (732) 877-1500 or (718) 356-1600 for a free consultation. Our residential real estate attorneys have the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully counsel you through any residential real estate transaction.

Residential Real Estate Law

Residential real estate is the purchase or sale of a piece of property strictly intended for residential use. While selling or purchasing residential real estate property may appear straight forward, residential real estate transactions require extensive legal and financial knowledge to complete the transaction. At Falk & Flotteron, we specialize in helping our clients purchase and sell residential real estate. We know that selling and purchasing residential real estate is stressful and one of the largest financial investments you will make. We will make sure that your interests are protected.

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